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Post by Teddi on Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:06 pm

Hello, newbies. Welcome to the site.
Before joining, you must must must MUST read these. Even if you are an experienced role player.
General Rules-
-Listen to admin and moderators
-Respect EVERYONE on the site (and real people too, there's a life lesson)
-No swearing (crap, hell are exempt)
-No sexual content
-No bullying other members
-No display of addresses, phone numbers, etc. Names and twitter or facebook accounts are fine.
-No bossing each other around: MIND YOUR OWN BUISINESS
-Drachmas are only used in the store
-No double accounting
-Do not post spoilers about the books without saying they are spoilers
-No bumping old topics
-Use the edit button instead of re-posting edited information
-No double-posting (cabins are exempt)
-Ask The Avenging Unicorn before taking anything from the site

Role-Playing Rules-
-Must have an APPROVED character before role-playing
-No power-playing or god-modding
-Use grammar in role-playing posts
-Don't have perfect characters; they're boring
-No vehicles within camp grounds
-No firearms within camp grounds
-Limit kissing to a maximum of five posts
-Only an admin can role-play as a god (unless given special permission)
-Quest is only given by an admin
-No interfering with quests
-Admin must approve gifts given by god parents
-Characters do not travel between camps, or accidentally live in the wrong camp

Pan, Artemis, Hera, all forms of Ra/Re, Odin, all Norse creator gods, all Egyptian creator gods

If you break any rules, there will be a major or minor punishment. We do not have to follow this order. It depends on how bad you are Smile

First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: 1 day PM and chatbox ban
Third Offense: 1 day ban
Fourth Offense: 1 week ban
Fifth Offense: Permanent ban

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