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Post by New Kid on Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:02 pm

Name:Matthew B. Morris
Body Type:Skinny
Skin Color:Tan
God Parent:Unclaimed
Mortal Parent:Jane Morris
Country of Origin:USA
Talents:singing,rapping,and sports
Weapon**:A celestial bronze dagger named ratniss
Flaws:nosy,mischevious,and can't back down
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):none
Life Before CHB*:Matthew had been Living with his mom Jane.Jane would treat him like they had all the time in the world.later on he got the nick name MattyB.Matty liked to rap when he was in love or sad.matty had to run and get to Camp half Blood when he was being tracked down by monsters while camping.While he was running he got attacked by everything that saw him from minotaurs to gorgons.He met a guys that helped him get to safety.The guy called himself John.John gave him some ambrosia and nectar and said "This is for when your hurt eat too much and you burn up litteraly"So Matty took it as a gift and made it to camp.
RP Example*:I saw the person being tortured.Why did they have to be so cruel to her?I needed to man up and save her.So, i went knocked the men out and saved her.She told me Thank you and then ran.Later on we met again and we became friends again but she was just a mortal by the time the school year was over i had to go home.Camp.She wanted to follow.How could i let her/She's not a demigod.I told her i would see her in 5th grade and maybe sometimes during the summer.She nodded and went to her gome and i went to mine.
Any notes about your characters:picture is below

Matthew B. Morris Matty-b-raps-360912

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