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Post by luckistarz on Wed May 01, 2013 1:00 am

Name: Chase Hoffman 

Age: 16 

Gender: Male

Eyes: He has bright blue eyes that are often described as piercing. They show no emotion when he lies, though often express his feelings otherwise.

Hair: He has messy light brown hair that is actually very soft. He has a bad habit of messing with it, running his hand through it— especially when he's stressed.

Height: 5' 6"

Body Type: Chase has a slight muscle build around the upper arms and torso, though he really is quite thin and small which gives him a great advantage for sneaking around.

Skin Color: He has a light tan in the summer but is kind of pale in the colder months

God Parent: Hermes

Mortal Parent: Alicia Hoffman

Country of Origin: USA (Seattle, WA)

Talents: He is very handy with a sword, though sword fighting was never one of the things that he truly loved to do. He is very witty but mostly only when he tells jokes. His confidence is always bursting, and so is his bravery. He's also overly faithful to all people who are close to him, mostly because of the scarring past that he had. A few of his hobbies include magic tricks, basketball, playing the saxophone, and stealing, especially stealing. He has the ability to thieve like the devil.

Weapon: Standard celestial bronze sword about three feet in length and has an oak handle with a leather grip.

Flaws:  His clumsiness is a huge problem outside of his life as a thief.  He is also sometimes way too impulsive. He has a problem with people who he doesnt see as very nice and can get too agressive with them. He also gets way too protective of his friends, and is also a bit more moody than need be. Chase also becomes very snappy and irritated when people ask him about his past. His personal history is somewhere that nobody should tread. Ever.

Powers: He has the ability to thieve better than anyone he knows. 

Life Before CHB:  Nobody really knows, he clams up and becomes very crabby whenever somebody tries to talk to him about it. All anyone can guess is that it was horrible. He arrived at camp when 10 yrs old. What nobody knows is that he was the son of a famous and rich woman. He had promised his mom that he would stay by her side no matter what. But she risked her life to save his, and even after she told him to go, he saw his mother brutally murdered right before his eyes by a monster. His mom had killed it with a celestial bronze gun(she was a clear sighted mortal and she had found this pistol in some random antique store) the same moment it had killed her, so he was completely alone when twenty four hours later a satyr had found him terrified under an overturned couch.

RP Example: Chase suddenly sat up in his bed, drenched in a cold sweat. Oh.... it was only a dream.... only a dream. It was that dream. 
He sighed and slipped out of his warm bed and lightly placed his bare feet onto the cold wooden floor of the Hermes cabin. It was very dark, yet he could hear a bird, deep into the depths of the dark northern forest, begin to sing its morning hymn. Dawn was soon to come. 
He grabbed a pair of jeans and a camp shirt, and hid back in his bunk again, and in the murky darkness, changed from his plaid pajama bottoms into the cold unworn clothes. When he emerged again, light had begun to filter in from the windows on either ends of the Hermes Cabin. He could hear his siblings begin to stir.
Chase leaned down and put on a pair of shoes, tying them quickly. He then stood up, intertwined the fingers of both hands and placed them on his head. He walked out of the cabin and into the dewy morning air of summer. 

Any notes about your characters:


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Post by Sienna on Wed May 01, 2013 1:08 am

Lucki's Characters Vesp7c

Annabeth Chase-Athena
Meet the cast:
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